So lately I have had to answer questions like :

What is the meaning of the constant broadcast message about The Shoe Hipster Blog? What is it all about?

Some even go as far as saying :

Do you sell shoes? We haven’t seen any pictures of the shoes you sell. Is it only for female or for male too?

So in order not to keep my esteemed readers in the dark and not to further confuse those that have questions, I would be answering some of the questions.

This is in the bid to make everyone have a better understanding of the blog and how to be part of the fun going on here.


Q1 – What is the shoe hipster blog?

A1 – A blog, according to the dictionary, is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts.

An Hipster is someone that is keenly interested in latest fashion trends and styles

Therefore the shoe hipster blog is a site where a person who is keenly interested in latest shoe trends and styles shares opinions, information (educative, informative and entertaining) ideas about shoes. Posting practically everything about shoes.

Q2 – Do you sell shoes 👞👟👠👡👢?

A2 – I don’t sell shoes for now through the blog. But as an individual, I shop for shoes for people. So if you are interested in buying any kind of shoe, you can holla at me. 😁

Q3 – What sex is your area of concentration?

A3 – Due to the level of the blog and manpower, my main concern are the ladies. But I try to incorporate the men any way I have the opportunity. As time goes by, we would have someone fully in charge for the men. No sex is superior to the other, but for effectiveness, the female 🚺 folks are the main area of concentration.

Q4 – What is your blog content like?

A4 – For accessibility and best output, the blog has categories like

  • Shoe Trends/Styles
  • News about shoes industry
  • Shoe Cleanik
  • Shoe DIYs
  • Foot Care

But are not limited to this. There could be a diversion into something that is not listed above but the main theme of discussion is ALWAYS ABOUT SHOES AND FASHION

Q5 – How do I become part of the discussions on the blog?

A5 – You can be a part of shoe hipster blog by the following ways :

  • Visit the website – http://www.theshoehipster.wordpress.com
  • Follow the blog via email so as the get notified of any latest post or any other information concerning the blog
  • Make comments about different blog post.
  • Share a blog post that you like or that has impacted you
  • Follow our social media platform. Instagram and Twitter is – @theshoehipster. While on Facebook, we are @theshoehipsterblog.
  • Like our posts on our social media platforms
  • And also comment and share posts

That is all you have to do to be part of all the fun. I am glad to inform you that if you are a shoe lover or even an upcoming one, you are in the right place where your passion would be fuelled adequately.

Q6 – Do you post everyday?

A6 – No, we don’t post everyday. We post twice a week. Mondays and Fridays. Therefore make it a date with us next week Monday as we enjoy amazing and insightful post about that addiction of yours – SHOES.

Dear readers, you are the reason the shoe hipster blog exists. Therefore if you have any further questions, suggestions or criticisms, kindly forward it to theshoehipster@gmail.com or direct message us on our social media platform

PHOTO CREDIT : Shutter Stock and Canva

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